A sea of knobs (Neotek IIIC)

Safety First

Keeping the studio a safe place for everyone to enjoy

Studio Policies

A couple of things we need for everyone to know (and do).

Face coverings are required at all times
Don't worry, we're wearing them too. The obvious exception is when someone is recording their voice, but when the recording stops, the mask has to come back on.

Only recording artists in attendance
Easy enough, right? Only the people who are involved in the session can be at the recording date. No exceptions.

Limited access within the studio
Those attending the sessions will only have access to the tracking room, control room and bathroom. 

Social distancing
To operate under Pennsylvania's Yellow Phase, we'll need to maintain safe social distancing while in the studio.

What we're doing

Here's some of the ways we're making our studio a safe place.

Regular cleaning
Before, and after, each session, the bathroom and commonly touched areas in each studio room will be cleaned and disinfected.

Hand sanitizer stations
We have hand sanitizer pumps and sprays that'll be placed around the studio, in multiple locations, for everyone to use.

Best practices for safer operations during the COVID-19 pandemic
We'll do that by following the guidance laid out by Pennsylvania, Montgomery County and the CDC.


Call or email to book your next session or studio visit

Catapult Sound
220 N Center Street
North Wales, PA 19454
(267) 662-9000

Just remember that we're a working studio with sessions in-progress. Give us a call first (or send us a message) if you'd like to stop by for a visit. Thanks!